Indian Chronology

we have seen many discussions on the Chronology of Indian History. This page gives the New Indian Chronology based on the dates we arrive at.

12100 BC Start of Sat Yuga (New Cycle Begins)

8101 BC Start of Treta Yuga (End of Sat Yuga)

7200 BC Rig Veda Hyms collected and Organized.

7190 BC Birth of Rishabha (First Tirthankar, Founder of Jainism) (Sons Bharata, Bahubali)

5140 BC Birth of Rama
5105 BC Start of Ramyana War
5101 BC Destruction of Raksachs by Rama, Start of Dwapar Yuga (End of Treta Yuga)

3153 BC Start of Yudhisthira Era 
3138 BC Mahabharata war starts (Saraswathi dries up into a Insignificant Stream from a massive river)
3102 BC Departure  of Krishna (Start of KaliYuga)(18 Feb 3102BC)
3077 BC Start of Saptarsi or Laukika Era

2600 BC Dwaraka Sinks into the sea, Indians set up Sumerian kingdom in Arabia

1950 BC Saraswathi Completely Dries up, Indians of Saraswathi valley go in-search  for greener pastures.One group goes west.

1887 BC Adi Buddha is Born  (Avatar of Vishnu, Teaching against Ritualism and animal sacrifice)

1850 BC Indian tribes conquer and setup their kingdoms middle-east, Egypt and Europe(Hittites, Mittani, Kassites, Hykos, Etruscans etc)

1534 BC Chandragupta Maurya Coronation
1482 BC Ashoka Vardhan Maurya Cornation

599 BC Birth of Mahavir
576 BC Start of Old Saka Era (Sree Harsha Vikramaditya of Ujjain Defeats Sakas and Scatters them all over Central Asia).
563 BC Birth of Gautama Buddha (Founder of Modern Buddhism) 
521 BC Achaemenid Darius I starts Invasions to India

335 BC End of Gupta Empire. (Aguptayika Era Starts-Gokak Plates)

327 to 324 BC Alexander Invades India and loses all battles including one with  Porus, Porus lets off Alexander
302 BC Megasthanes comes to India.

185 BC Start of Indo Greek Era
171 BC Start of Graeco-Bactrian Era
150 BC Vatsyayana
149 - 67 BC Varahamihira,
60 BC  Kalidasa
57 BC  Start of  Vikram Samvat. (Vikrama Era), Shakari Vikramaditya of Ujjain defeats Sakas
43 BC Start of Azes Era

78 AD Start of  Salivahana Sake, Shalivahana of Paithan defeats Sakas of Ujjain, End of Sakas.

249 AD Kalachuri - Chedi - Trikuta Era
319 AD Start of Valabhi Era

625 AD  Huen-Tsang Visits India
634 AD  Chalukya Pulakesin II Aihole Inscription Synchronizes  Kali Era to Saka Era

788-820 AD Adi Shankara

Kaliyuga 3180 years before saka era (3102BC) (Pulakesin Edict )
Sree Harsa Era (old Saka Era) 2526 years after Yudister reign (Vradda Garga)
Shalivahana  era 135 years later than vikrama era. (Al Beruni)
241 years between old saka and Gupta era (Al Beruni)
241 years between saka and Vallabha era (Al Beruni)
128 Years between Azes and Indo-Greek Era (Aparaca Inscription)


  1. Really Interesting.

    How did you come come up with something like a date of 7200 BC?

    7200BC Rig Veda Hyms collected and Organized.

    Is there a inscription for that? if so is that carbon dated to 7200 BC?

    1. Go to Date of Rig Veda Article , you will find the answers to your question. Why Rig Veda is dated Prior to 7200 BC

  2. various sankaracharyas as of various buddhas adi sankara in bc abhinava sankara later one

    1. There is date of Shankara Article, take your comments there

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. As per King Ashoka's inscriptions, Mauryan empire was somewhere around 5th century BC. You might want to correct that.

    1. Go to Did Megasthanes meet Chandragupta Maurya and Date of Buddha Article for More info

  5. Adi Shankara was born in 500BC.

    And you forgot to mention the greatest king of Sapt Sindhu, Chakravartin Samrat Bharata!

    His empire included most of south asia & central asia.

    1. Mayb 500 BC is right.I think he lived much earlier.Dont forget that History was badly faked by the british as part of the divide and rule agenda bringing up different groups against each other. Why do you think was it possible for a few british to rule so long? In a united India the british would have been kicked out with the weapons of sticks and stones only!

  6. There is a date of Shankara Article you can take your comment there
    Date of Shankara

  7. Darius just like Alexander failed to conquer India, Every Persian or Greek invasions failed to conquer India.

  8. Fa Hien was said to have met Chandra Gupta II in the 4-5th century CE. But according to Puranaic account Gupta period was in 4th Century BCE. How to resolve this issue?


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