About Blog

What is this Blog About?
This Blog is about History. Though I write more about controversial Aspects. The Blog is about getting the History Right. In course of getting History right of that we deal with lot of things that are not true. In process of writing these posts, I have learnt lot of history.  This blog is my journey into Learning history.

 History should be based on facts recorded by the people of that place, and verified through archaeological and numismatic evidences such as inscriptions, coins etc.  But History is written most of the times by Winners or conquerors, and much of the history was written by Western scholars when they dominated the world. Now this history written is not necessarily the correct one. So we revisit the historical events and analyze them.

Why is the blog has Inverted Colors (Black Background, White Characters)?
Actual reason for the blog being black is to get immediate attention, which blog badly required at the beginning. Many of you have complained regarding same. But now it has become the identity of the blog.

Why are Comments Moderated? 
Some of the comment I get are
Abuse directed at blog owner
Abuse towards a particular community or language or religion or ethnic or nationality
Several pages of  cut and paste from many of the ebooks or websites
Abusive swearing saying what they think is only right.
Many are just theories with no backup material.
Misrepresented statements
Comment different from the topic discussed in the Article.
Links - Spam, Too many ,  Commercial promotion
So I have to Moderate the Comments

Can I quote part or full article?
You can  quote part or full article of the blog anywhere, with link back to the post you are quoting from.

Translations of Page
Translations are provided by Google and many times I have seen it does not do perfectly to put it mildly.  Many times the translations do not make sense. But we have to put up with it. As it is the Convenient and Comprehensive way to do the translations.

Why use pen name Moda Sattva
At the start I was using my real name. Then I got so many threats and abuses. I have decided to use this pen name Moda Sattva. Moda in Kannada means Cloud and Sattva is like Bodhi sattva.  That supposed to mean One Enlightened under cloud (internet).

Forum is nothing but Google Group of Controversialhistory. Here you can debate all the views. But you have to join the Group, by asking for membership.  Forum is work in progress.