origin of Chatrapati Shivaji

Shivaji Bhonslé, also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhonslé was the founder of the Maratha empire in western India in 1674 which was instrumental in the downfall of the Mughal Empire. He is also remembered for being the only secular king in medieval India; (Marathi: छत्रपती शिवाजीराजे भोसले).
Let us see controversies behind his origin.

Rajput Origin

Bhosle family considers that it descended from the Sisodia Rajputs of Udaipur. It is quite possible that some Ksatriya clans of the Rajputs came down to the Maratha country form the north during the long ascendancy of the Muslims. Nevertheless, it is a historical fact that there were Ksatriya families in the deccan like the Rastrakutas, the Calukyas and the Seunas. The Rajputs infact evolved from Chalukyas, Rastrakutas of South India.

Kannada Origin
Dr. Ramachandra Chintamana Dhere argues that Shivaji's ancestor is Balipa or Baliyappa hailing from a place called Soratur near Gadag in north Karnataka. Another important claim apart from the geographical origins of Shivaji by Dr. Dhere is that Shivaji is not a Rajput but a Yadava or a Gowli as is popularly known in Maharastra or a Golla in Karnataka. The author also dwells into the origin of the word Bhosale, which is believed to be Shivaji's second name. According to the author Bhosale is a verbal distortion of the word "Hoysala," which is a name of a dynasty that ruled Karnataka. Likewise the author also takes a clue from the deity Shivaji worshipped, "Shikara Shinganapura Shambhu Mahadeva." According to Dhere's findings, the deity is none other than "Shreeshaila Mallikarjuna," which also corroborates the fact that Shivaji is not a Rajput. To this effect Dhere provides sufficient historical and evidences from folklore.

Bhonsle Family origin
The Bhosle family is counted among the royal or Ksatriya clans of the Marathas. The Bhosle house to which Chatrapati Sivaji, the founder of Maratha Kingdom belonged, hailed from Verul near Baulatabad. The Bhosle of Nagpur are known as Hinganikar as one of their ancestors who was probably a contemporary of Maloji, the grandfather of Chatrapati Sivaji, rehabilitated the village Beradi near Hingani in the present district of Poona, the two brothers Mudhoji and Rupaji of Hingani-Beradi were contemporaries of Sahaji Bhosle the father of Shivaji. Like Chatrapati Bhosle house, the Nagpur Bhosle family, too, considers that it descended from the Sisodia Rajputs of Udaipur. It is quite possible that some Ksatriya clans of the Rajputs came down to the Maratha country form the north during the long ascendancy of the Muslims. Nevertheless, it is a historical fact that there were Ksatriya families in the Maratha country like the Rastrakutas, the Calukyas and the Yadavas.

The family tree in the bakhar of the Bhosle of Nagpur denotes ancestors who were common to this house and also to the Bhosle house of the Chatrapatis. The Bhosles of Nagpur and the Chatrapati house belonged to the same Kshatriya clan. However, there is no independent historical evidence to establish common ancestry between the two families in the few generations preceding Chatrapati Sivaji. The account in the bakhar of the Bhosle of Nagpur, therefore, has to be taken with a grain of salt,

In the biography of Chatrapati Sambhaji by Malhar Ramrav Citanis it is stated that after the death of Sivaji his obsequies were performed by Sabaji Bhosle, as Sambhaji the eldest son, was in confinement of the fort of Panhala. But james Grant Duff in his "A History of the Marathas" vol. I. P. 243, says that Sivaji's funeral rites were performed by one 'Shahjee Bhonslay' (Sahaji Bhosle). There is no unanimity among contemporary writers about the person performing Sivaji's funeral rites. If however, Sabaji Bhosle performed the obsequies there is every possibility that this Bhosle the ancestor of the famous Raghuji Bhosle of Nagpur was a known blood relation of the Chatrapatis.

At the time of Sahu Chatrapati's home coming when Tarabai and her partisans purposely cast doubt about Sahu being the grandson of Sivaji, it was Parasoji of the Nagpur Bhosle house who dined with Sahu and dispelled the doubt. Then again during the last years of Sahu's reign it was strongly rumoured that he would select an heir to the a GADI of Satara from the Bhosle of Nagpur as he had no son. Later, the English offered to seat one of the Bhosle's of Nagpur on the Gadi of Satara. All these events indicate the possibility of a common ancestor of the Bhosles of Satara and Nagpur through direct historical evidence is not yet forthcoming to establish the fact. The two Bhosle brothers Mudhoji and Rupaji were contemporaries of Sahaji Bhosle and were noted roving soldiers. Rupaji it seems was residing at Bham in the district of Yavatmal where he had a JAGIR. He was childless. Of the sons of Mudhoji, Parasji and Sabaji stayed with their uncle at Bham and served in the army of Chatrapati Sivaji.

whatever be his origin , he is a marathi king. The claims are not without any political mileage

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  1. Please go back to history and research on Maratha Word itself .. Maratha is an established empire and warrior cast by Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Before establishment of empire, the decaan (dakhkhan) now called as maharashtra was been looted by the so called vatandaar's , sardar's who were serving Nizamshaahi, Kutubshaahi and Mughal's. Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Shahaji Bhosale eldest son of Shri Shahaji Maloji Bhosale. Go back to the history of Bhosale gharana , where it came from and their relation with Sisodia a Rajput Clan.

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    2. Sure Kunal,
      first visit this site..make sure that u also visit second that i have mention below


      2))visit these site ..and you will no who are marathas...


    3. MR Kunalsing..

      I really appreciate that you are interesting in maratha History in details...

      Blogger Should add more information about Rajmata Jijau...

      Also The great Worrior Son of shivaji maharaj Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj in Details...

    4. Mr.Kunal just for your kind information, Raje Shivaji was not eldest son of Shajiraje & Jijamata. Sambhaji raje was elder son of them, after Sambhaji raje two son's got died after very short interval from their birth, reason may be anything like illness or favour. After that the fourth son of Shajiraje & Jijamata was King Shivaji..
      And there is not historical strong proof available which can prove King Shivaji's origin belongs to Shisodia Rajput clan or community. It was just sophistry created by some loyal priests of raje during coronation of King Shivaji that his origin belongs to Rajput community, to avoid oppositions logic & the populace was under strong influence of religious superstitions & beliefs.
      On the other hand there are so many proofs occurred which indicates that origin of King Shivaji belongs to Ahir or Yadav. Now a days Maratha community belongs to all 5 main casts of Tkshatriyas. Majority of Maratha community belongs to Yadav, Jaat & Gujjars. Rajputs are very few

  2. Sure Kunal,
    Go back to where Rajputs came from and come back again.

    Follow Link

  3. some people on this site are trying to say that shivaji was telling lie that they were decendent of rajputs what this mean? are they are trying to say that shivaji was ashamed of his origin and trying to hide his origin this is totally bullshit which is told by so called indian historians the elite castes in india like maratha and rajputs were maintain their records related to their histories themselves and if they are saying that they have rajput origin then are right they do not need certificates from cheap sites and books of such cheap historians specified above.

  4. if shivaji bhonsle were rajput..then they could tell that they are rajput..listen they are marathas ,mata jijau were from maratha family..rajputs have not done any thing for the country, like raja jay singh was the servent of aurangazeb..and he was a rajput...maratha who faught against moughels for entire life...and ..
    rajputs rule only in there area like rajastan..but maratha rule more than half of india...

    1. http://horsesandswords.blogspot.ca/2012/01/shivajis-rajput-ancestry.html SMD proof

    2. Rajput regiment, Rajput rifles , Gadwal regiment, dogra regiment etc r examples of rajputs Sacrifices read history first.

    3. yes ..u r ryt..but can u let me know..shivaji caste..i thin he is kunbi khastriya

    4. Shivaji is yadav not a rajput bro

  5. Shivaji Maharaj was great man. He is an example of bravery for us. He was real hero of India we never forget The great Mahatta King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Your Article is very nice with complete guide Thanks please keep share useful knowledge with us..Thanks Regarding
    Rajasthan Tourism


  6. Truth-
    1)Shivaray is not from rajput origin.
    2)''Shivaray is from rajput origin'' was lie spreaded by the ministers of shivaray since they doent belong to upper caste family and not even a single Brahmin of Maharashtra was ready to do the Rajyabhishek vidhi of shivray.
    3)So ministers somehow managed and spread the lie that family of shivaray belongs to rajput origin.
    4)But bramhins of Maharashtra were aware of this fact so ,THE GAGA Bhatt ie Brahmin from UP was invited.
    5)even after knowing the truth GAGA bhatt rejected the proposal bt then lots of money and gifts are given to him

    1. Now you have said , we should start believing you. Common what is the evidence?

    2. Dear Sattva,

      Please visit kolhapur museum and u'll get Shivaji Maharaj's ancestors Chart. i think that 'll be big evidence for you....

  7. Suyog parab pls read history completely and confirme all the thing mentioned in any book when gaga bhatt came to know about shivaji maharaj they are happy with one hindu king has established the kingdom against the muslim rule..and shivaji maharaj donated that reward to gaga bhatt..some people and organization of Maharashtra spreading false information.. To gain political profit...

  8. I think parab is not maratha, that's why he doesn't know history, why would brahmin refuse to do rajyabhishek of King.. And at that time kings word was final, and not even a brahmins had power to refuse words of kings, get ur facts right

  9. Parab read the fact in the panchavishma brahmana period kings or kshatriya people are placed first and second were Brahmins and this order was there for long time

  10. are yaar tm jo koi bhi ho Veer Shivaji Raaje was the Bhonsle means last name was the Bhonsle nd this Last name founds in only Gurjar Cast now many bhonsle brothers are writing Baisle nd Bansal also because my Mother is also Bhosle there are 360 Last Names in Gurjar Cast Like No. 1. Bhosle{Baisle} King Shivaji
    2. Naagar{Naangdi} King Nain Singh Naangdi
    3. Bhati
    4. Chaprana
    5. Chandile {mostly u can see in Delhi}
    6. Bidhuri {also can be see in delhi u know 250 Crore Merriage...???}
    etc etc nd this matter also have proved in Pakistan's High Court that Veer Shivaji Raaje Bhosle was the Bainsla Gurjar
    Gurjars have already King of india from 5 to 13th Century...

  11. From: "PratapTambay"
    Date: 24 Feb 2006 02:10:37 -0800

    Delivering a key note address on occasion of Shiva-Jayanti at Mumbai in
    well attended meeting ('Samrat' 23.2.2006), Hari Narke averred that
    Brahmins wrote false history to suit them. Mahatma Phule discovered the
    'samadhi' of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj, and celebrated Shiva-Jayanti in 1869
    Pune for the first time, but it is claimed that, Bal Gangadhar Tilak,
    was born in 1856, started the jayanti. Phule repaired the samadhi and a
    wrote his first book.-- a ballad (powada) on Shivaji, which is noted in
    British records.

    If Shivaji was 'protector of cows and Brahmins', as claimed, he would
    have slaughtered Krishnaji Bhaskar Kulkarni during Afzalkhan's killing.
    would not have admonished and threatened with death a Brahmin Subhedar
    Prabhavati for disloyalty. Bahujans created history but Brahmins wrote
    false history, so rewriting is a must, he said.

    Another speaker, Premratna Chaukekar, said that 'Rajguru' of Shivaji
    his mother -- Queen mother -- Jeejau, who trained him in war craft and
    administration. She was born (in a Jadhav family) in town of Sindkhed
    where there are 22 houses of Jadhavs, who are all ex-Mahars. Similarly,
    samadhi (tomb) of Jeejau is at town of Pachad, situated at the foot of
    Raigad (Hill fort Capital of Shivaji) in a locality of Mahars
    (Mahar-wada). Therefore, it is proved that Shivaji was a Mahar, he
    Similarly, the aakhadas (gyms) training in the art of warfare were of
    - Mangs, giving training since early childhood. (Mahars and Mangs are
    important untouchable castes of Maharashtra)

    If the contention of Mr. Chaukekar is accepted, it will open a new
    for research in Maratha history. In this respect following points are
    worth considering.

    (1) Dr. Ambedkar had averred that Marathas and Dalits have common
    among them and have common origin.

    (2) It is well known that most of the forts repaired by Shivaji existed
    before him and were built by indigenous people, the Adivasis.

    (3) It is proved that Rajput origin of Shivaji was fabricated and
    suggestion has been made about his Kannada origin from Shepherd class.

    (4) It is well known that other Maratha chiefs did not consider Shivaji
    equal status socially in caste hierarchy and these chiefs declined to
    with him sitting in the same row.

    (5) There were hardly any upper caste supporters in initial stages of
    Shivaji's conquests, which were conducted by Mavale, who belonged to
    lower castes.

    Dr. K. Jamanadas
    Feb. 24, 2006


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  12. If Shivaji was a Rajput, why he was refused by brahmins to do his rajyabhisek. Where we're Shishidiyas and Rajputs then


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