Date of Sriharsa

The Famous Philosopher Sriharsa date has been quite a contentious issue, Let us analyze

According to Buhler on the strength of account about sriharsa given by Rajasekhara, Sriharsa was a protege of King Jayacandra who ruled Banaras between 1163AD and 1194AD. Sriharsa should have lived in his era.

K.T Telang
Telang disagrees with this date and forwards argument on the following points:
  1. The Naisadhiya(by Sriharsa) is quoted in sarasvatikanthabharana(11th century AD)
  2. Madhavacarya 's Sankaravijaya mentions sriharsa as one of the poets vanquished by Shankara. Madhvacarya account is before 14th century , so it more reliable than later.
  3. Vacaspatimisra(11th century) wrote refutation of Khandana
By above arguments Telang comes to the conclusion, the date should be earlier by two centuries ,so9th to 10th centuries.

F.S .Growser
Hindu bard Chanda (12th century AD) , regarded Naisadha as poem of considerable antiquity. The persons mentioned are
  1. sesa-naga
  2. visnu
  3. vyasa,
  4. sukhdeva
  5. sriharsa
  6. kalidasa
  7. Dandamali
  8. jayadeva
He assumes that the names are in chronological order, thus he supports Telang.

Growse is Challenged by Sen. He points out flaws in Chanda versus prithviraja , dismissing chronological order

P N. Purania
Purania identifies sahasanka of sriharsa's Navasahasankacarita with candradeva of Gadhipura(kanauj) Later part of 10th century to early 11th century.

  1. Sriharsa quoted in sarasvatikanthabharana (first half of 11th century)
  2. Vacaspati misra(11th century) refuted Khandana
  3. Sriharsa contemporary of Shankara according to Madhva
  4. Chanda(12th century) placed Sriharsa before Kalidasa
Dr.Buhler Reply
  1. No Quotation of sriharsa in Sarasvatikanthabharana
  2. Vacaspati is later one not of 11th century
  3. Madhva work do not have any historical value
  4. Chanda is not the author of Prithviraja Rosa, the work is a compilation in 14th century , so quoating sriharsa is not surprise
So Buhler Arguments seems to have the upper hand for now, let us see

Source : Sriharsa

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